CGRA-ME Software End-User License Agreement

The software programs comprising “CGRA-ME” and the documentation provided with them are copyright by its authors S. Chin, K. Niu, N. Sakamoto, J. Zhao, A. Rui, S. Yin, A. Mertens, J. Anderson, and the University of Toronto. Users agree to not redistribute the software, in source or binary form, to other persons or other institutions. Users may modify or use the source code for other non-commercial, not-for-profit research endeavours, provided that all copyright attribution on the source code is retained, and the original or modified source code is not redistributed, in whole or in part, or included in or with any commercial product, except by written agreement with the authors, and full and complete attribution for use of the code is given in any resulting publications.

Only non-commercial, not-for-profit use of this software is permitted. No part of this software may be incorporated into a commercial product without the written consent of the authors. The software may not be used for the design of a commercial electronic product without the written consent of the authors. The use of this software to assist in the development of new commercial CGRA architectures or commercial soft processor architectures is also prohibited without the written consent of the authors.

This software is provided “as is” with no warranties or guarantees of support.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Province of Ontario, Canada.

Please contact Prof. Anderson if you are interested in commercial use of the CGRA-ME framework.